Color Study IV


Viacom I
Photographed by Nichole Hastings
With the iPhone 4S

Taken at dusk. A moment in time during the 360 degree rotation of The View Restaurant, on the 48th floor of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, of the Viacom skyscraper. A study of color, light play and reflections through multiple layers of glass.

Photo Editor edits: sharpness, contrast, saturation, brightness

Color Study II


Below the GW
Photographed by Nichole Hastings
With the iPhone 4S

The view looking down standing on the George Washington Bridge. A color study of the play of light reflecting on the bridge pylon and pier, the Hudson River, and the land in between below the GW on the New York side. The land strip is pavement, dirt, a lighthouse, a cone lying on its side, and boulders. Taken in early April while working in the City on a Strava film shoot.

Photo Editor edits: contrast, sharpness, saturation, brightness