Nature Inspires Life Inspires Art No. 1

Earlier this year in April, I moved to Spain to attend the Escuela de Ceramica de la Moncloa located in Oeste Parque in Madrid. Two months ago on October 1st I put my hands back in clay. For the past ten years I’ve been living life, having taken a 10-year sabbatical from ceramics. Technically my work was good but it and I were missing something.

I couldn’t quite place my finger on it but now I know.

Now I know, who I am. Now I know, what I want. Now I know, my own soul.

I share my soul with you in three parts:




Fresh for day
Past tall aspen trees
Down windy mountain roads
Cold sunny wind shining on my face
I think of you

I hear your song
On wind rushing by
Calls of early morning birds
And the low rumble of the car engine
Navigating turns


Utah Aspen Forest

Powers Wooden Heart


Powers Wooden Heart
Photographed by Nichole Hastings
With the iPhone 4S

A gathering of some of White River Junction’s notable characters commemorating the reconstruction of the train underpass on Bridge Street. Once a community where no one wanted to go to or live in, it is now a vibrant artists’ haven. This gathering is all artist: art teacher, visual artists, film-makers, costume-makers, lifestyle creators, clothing-designer, music-makers and more. The underpass serves as a main thorough way for pedestrians and vehicles to access downtown. It will be under construction through 2013.

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