This infinity water cup is based on a poem I wrote which shares the same title. It’s inspired by my time spent hiking to remote locations and isolated mountain tops on two continents. A handful of days ago it was picked up and flown out of Spain to a new heart and home… a gift for a special someone in their life.

See a short video of Blue Horizon and the song paired with it at Exhibition Heartwork on Instagram here.

Blue Horizon
2021 cerámica hecha a mano, pintada a mano, esmaltada y dorado
10.5 x 8.5cm pieza única
Heartwork Series

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Music by: Feroza Cayetano (buy her album on bandcamp)

The lotus flower is a symbol of purity, spiritual enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. The lotus has a life cycle unlike any other plant. With its roots latched in mud, it submerges every night into the water and miraculously re-blooms the next morning. The flower has a fascinating will to live… a lotus seed can withstand thousands of years without water and is able to germinate over two centuries later.

The lotus is a perfect example of the human condition. Each night our consciousness submerges into sleep, and each morning we awaken reborn with the new day. And each day gives us the choice to be the master and commander of our own destiny, determined by the strength of our will to live and what a life-well-lived means to each of us.

What does your soul say?

Mine says … I am divine.

See a short video of Will To Live with music accompaniment on Instagram.

Will To Live
2021 cerámica hecha a mano, tallado y pintada a mano, esmaltada y dorado
18 x 10cm pieza única
Heartwork Series

This is an infinity piece in which the carved imagery has no beginning or end flowing from one scene to the next. Depicted are five doves in flight, two carrying an Asian tiger lily over mountains with seawaves crashing against the cliffs that curl and flow into the tail feathers of the birds.
It was conceived after hearing and processing two incredible separate-but-related stories of strength and determination that cross generations in one family.

A commissioned piece made in memoriam for a daughter who lost a mother, and a mother who lost a son. Created in a Chinese style to honor her roots and her mother who was a cliff diver who swam to Hong Kong to China to freedom. The doves were selected to honor her Catholic faith and her beloved son who passed away not long after being born. The son was named after a Saint who also passed away young and was a friend of birds among flowers.

The one who this has been made for and I do not see death as terrible loss but as existing in another space, time and dimension. I do not believe what happens in our lives are fated but what will happen to us all is that people will exit our lives and we will meet them again on the other side. We are all moving in the same direction, to the same destination, together. I find great comfort in that and I hope you do as well.

See a short video of this vessel with musical accompaniment on Instagram.

La separación y el reencuentro están predestinados
2021 cerámica hecha a mano, tallado y pintada a mano, esmaltada y dorado
17cm x 22cm pieza única
Heartwork Series