Exposición Heartwork

Heartwork, Never Forget and Parejas

Loss, remembrance, acceptance, reconcilitation and celebration… At times like these we dig down inside wide and deep, and learn to love ourselves again.

The exhibition may be visited on two separate days, Thursday and Saturday, both from 19:00PM to 21:00PM. Facemasks will be worn by all. Hand sanitizer will be available. Reservations are required to attend, and please bring headphones to enjoy aspects of the experience.

When: 11 & 13 Noviembre 2021, 19:00 – 21:00

• 11 Nov – Exposición y experiencia musical

• 13 Nov – Exposición y LIVE mini-concierto de Feroza Cayetano

Calle de Edgar Neville, 21B
28020 Madrid, España

(metro Cuatro Caminos, Nuevos Ministerios)

Exposición Heartwork