Powers Wooden Heart


Powers Wooden Heart
Photographed by Nichole Hastings
With the iPhone 4S

A gathering of some of White River Junction’s notable characters commemorating the reconstruction of the train underpass on Bridge Street. Once a community where no one wanted to go to or live in, it is now a vibrant artists’ haven. This gathering is all artist: art teacher, visual artists, film-makers, costume-makers, lifestyle creators, clothing-designer, music-makers and more. The underpass serves as a main thorough way for pedestrians and vehicles to access downtown. It will be under construction through 2013.

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Marry Me Hope

"Marry Me Hope" photographed by Maidie Andrews


We were walking from our hotel to get breakfast, Maidie and I sharing

her camera, taking pictures along the way.  At first we weren’t sure what we

were seeing lying in a crumpled pile on the ground against the building wall.

Upon taking a closer look, we realized the irony of the situation…

a declaration of hope painted above a seemingly hopeless situation.