I Am

I’m not who I was
Nor who I want to be
Who I am always

I’m not this body
It is not truly me
Being consciousness bliss
Love Life
Truth Beauty

I am the Witness
Unbound by memory
I am Supreme Self
I Am

River run water
Flowing to boundless sea
Gathered by bright sun
The clouds
Rains falling

I’m not who I was
Nor who I want to be
Who I am always
Is you
I Am We


Composed by Nichole Hastings

One Day

One day, the value of life will not be influenced and measured by dualism and capitalism.

People’s first questions in getting to know each other will not include “What do you do?” and they’ll stop looking at everything around them as some sort of commodity to be labeled, monetized and used.

Instead they may ask questions like, “What color is the beauty of your soul?” and “What’s your perception of reality?” People will interact with each other in a genuine, evolved, and awake manner appreciating oneself, other beings and the natural world. They’ll redirect their energy from the empty and meaningless to the spiritual and enlightening. They’ll embrace imagination, open minds and creative expressions to share the joy of loving living life. They’ll share that joy and revel in it as they did when they were small children, their youthful exuberance and abandon tempered by the wisdom of experience, realization and love.

Sometimes I mention my upcoming move to Madrid to people and some ask me, “Do you have a job there?” and “What will you do in Spain?” as if it is the most important aspect of anyone’s reality.

Does wanderlusting  philosopher poet seeking beauty, Truth and the exploration of alternate realities to experience, compose and write about, photograph, express in clay, and to appreciate count?

In my multiverse it does. (Although, those word labels and other description of self…I am and I am not those things for I am undefinable and infinite.)

Whatever your perceived reality, maybe we’ll meet each other (t)here.