I Bought Lobster and Porter House with My Food Stamps

When you’re poor, people treat you like you’re a second class citizen/human being.
What you eat is scrutinized,
Any money you spend on non-essentials is criticized.
If you own nice stuff, people think you’re lying, stupid, or should sell it all.

Your entire value of being is questioned.
Opinions of who you are as a person are formed.

Well, right back at you.

You have money?
That’s worthless.

You’re not poor?

You put a can of soup or beans in a food collection box?
Big fucking deal.

You condescend to consider The Poor.

How about appreciation for others?

Are those qualities a commodity measurable in money?

Some misguided rich assholes out there who donate to charities for tax write-offs,
Have kids that put a couple boxes of macaroni and cheese in a hunger drive box,
Drop off clothes they no longer wear at a Goodwill
Are saying “Yes.”

They pat themselves on the back for enabling poverty.
They do nothing of any real value to address poverty’s root issues.
They think, “The Poor eating lobster or a porter house is unfair. To me.”
They think, “Poverty…that could never happen to me.”