I Ain’t Your Momma

Let me give a you little advice “my son”
There’s a reason you’re a party of one
Think about the way you’re living
Before the living is done

So you don’t die alone

First of all there is your health
Don’t care for you
Can’t for anyone else
Don’t love you
Can’t love anyone else

We all live and die alone

Second babe there’s what you do
Your talk ain’t nothing
If you don’t follow through
Your dreams ain’t nothing
If you ain’t in hot pursuit

Gotta live your life for you alone

Thirdly there’s the company you keep
How you treat them
And new people you meet
Are you a fairweather friend
Or true consistently?

So you don’t live alone

What kind of energy you want to be?
Me, I’m all about positivity
But you gotta do it for you
Don’t do it for me

So you don’t live alone
So you don’t die alone

So here we are full circle “my son”
Has the full force of self-realization finally won?
Have you parted the clouds to let in the sun?
I ain’t your momma so better learn these three ones

Before I leave you alone

Before the setting of the sun
Before this dance we’re dancing is done
Before all you have has left you and gone

Before I leave you alone
Before you’re all alone
Get it?
So you don’t die alone