Explanation Due

I’m not going to chase after you

So you can push me away

I’m not going to hold onto you tight

So you can tell others “had to run away”

I’m not going to ask for your support

So you can sigh then grudgingly agree

I’m not going to stand by your side

While you criticize judge false friend others and me

You tried to make me feel bad about my monthly

You tried to make me feel bad about my work

You accused me of cheating one two three times

Said some women are happy with just dinner and a fuck

You said every girl you’ve ever been with

Has told you that you’re an asshole

Well you’re the common denominator hon

And I agree you ain’t been a very good beau

So now that you’ve decided it’s over

Now you want to be my friend

And now you want to be open

To trust and have good communication

Sorry dear that’s just not gonna happen

You had over a year to be a worthy boyfriend

To participate with good communication

You wasted so many opportunities to be genuine

Now I no longer care to concern

For trust is earned not an expected given

You’re fourth tier off my mountain

Honored title “friend” is not synonymous with forgiven

So stop trying to control the situation

Stop trying to force your agenda on me

You want friendship? Explanation due.

Or kindly fuck off and leave me be


4s + 1t = 5d

Spatially we consider our universe to exist in 3-dimensions of horizontals and verticals with the 4th-dimension of space being space that is outside of and surrounding the other three dimensions and at angles. For example, the universe may be said to be the 4th-dimension. Being outside of and around us on the 4th-dimensional plane, and because of our 3-dimensional existence, we cannot perceive or even conceive of the universe’s size and or shape.

Time is considered to be one dimension although we conceive of it in a linear three dimensional way of past, present and future. Our minds conceive of them as separate units hence three dimensions in spite of their continuous uninterrupted flow. And our ability to conceive of and understand that those three linear dimensions are in truth a singular one, divided and defined and segregated in our minds by relativity, being the fourth. Simply, there is no such thing as past, present or future; there is only now.

4s + 1t = 5d

By this equation, we see that the fifth dimension is the sum of both space and time. Carl Sagan discusses it here:

If the 5th dimension is the sum of both space and time, what is the 6th dimension?

Drug Abuse is a Result, Not a Cause

Vermont Quits War on Drugs to Treat Heroin Abuse as Health Issue

Inside: Naloxone, used to counter the effects of a heroin overdose

Photograph by Shane Lavalette for Bloomberg Businessweek

Inside: Naloxone, used to counter the effects of a heroin overdose

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin devoted his entire State of the State address in January to what he called Vermont’s “full-blown heroin crisis.” Since 2000, he said, the state had seen a 250 percent increase in addicts receiving treatment. The courts were swamped with heroin-related cases. In 2013 the number of people charged with heroin trafficking in federal court in Vermont increased 135 percent from the year before, according to federal records. Shumlin, a Democrat, urged the legislature to approve a new set of drug policies that go beyond the never-ending cat-and-mouse between cops and dealers. Along with a crackdown on traffickers, he proposed rigorous addiction prevention programs in schools and doctors’ offices, as well as more rehabilitation options for addicts. “We must address it as a public health crisis,” Shumlin said, “providing treatment and support rather than simply doling out punishment, claiming victory, and moving on to our next conviction.”

Read more here.


Cross Country Adventure: Utah Continued

Day 9
A slow start to the day. Gregory and I kick it off with a visit to Whole Foods around 1pm followed by the US vs Belgium at the RAMP factory. Afterwards we head back to Salt Lake City.




Beers, BBQ, soccer and music ensue.

Day 10

Today’s plan is to hike that mountain.






We did.
Views from the summit of Mount Olympus
Mountain in Utah
Elevation: 9,026′ (2,751 m)

We celebrated with still cool PBR.

A great breeze blew us up.
Once atop it was dead still.
Not a whisper of wind.
Just relentless sun and thin air.

What an adventure!

Color I

Color II

Light trails on a darkened bumpy road as we drive from Salt Lake to Park City.

More of the aforementioned. Upon arrival to Park City we head to
Cisero’s for last call!