28 April – Inauguración // EDICIÓN LIMITADA Exposición Colectiva

28 April - Inauguración // EDICIÓN LIMITADA Exposición Colectiva

28 April – Inauguración // EDICIÓN LIMITADA Exposición Colectiva

Inauguración Exposición Colectiva EDICIÓN LIMITADA
28 DE ABRIL 2016, a partir de las 19h
Abe the Ape, Centro Cerámico Talavera, Cristina Salvans, Cupisnique, Javier Serna, Maya Vergel, Nichole Hastings, Ramon Tormes, Sophie Aguilera y Pedro Ledesma.

Los términos edición limitada, edición especial y variantes tales como edición de lujo o edición de coleccionista, se utilizan como un incentivo de mercadotecnia para varios tipos de productos, originalmente productos relacionados con las artes (…) Una edición limitada está limitada en el número de ejemplares producidos, aunque, de hecho, el número puede ser muy bajo o muy alto. El término se usa con frecuencia, a menudo cuando la llamada edición limitada es en realidad la única versión de lanzamiento (…)
[Extracción de Wikipedia]

LA GALERIA FACTORIA presenta objetos cerámicos de EDICIÓN LIMITADA.
Varias series de piezas especiales de edición limitada realizadas en loza, porcelana, gres y terracota que se expondrán en la galería desde el 29 de abril hasta el 29 de julio de 2016 en calle Churruca 15, Madrid.
La inauguración es también el 28 de abril de 2016 a partir de las 19h, el mismo día que se inaugura la exposición de Julio Galindo

Abe the Ape – Golden Abes
Centro Cerámico Talavera – Vanitas
Cristina Salvans – María Antonieta Josefa Juana de Habsburgo-Lorena y Cleopatra
Cupisnique – Cu
Javier Serna – Collages
Maya Vergel – Porcelain Jewelries
Nichole Hastings – Seasonal Time & Space Decor Series
Ramon Tormes – Sea Urchin
Sophie Aguilera – El Jardin Secreto de la Memoria
Pedro Ledesma – Occido Lumen

28 DE ABRIL 2016, a partir de las 19:00h
LA GALERIA FACTORIA, Churruca 15, Madrid
Abe the Ape, Centro Cerámico Talavera, Cristina Salvans, Cupisnique, Javier Serna, Maya Vergel, Nichole Hastings, Ramon Tormes, Sophie Aguilera Lester y Pedro Ledesma.

Desde el 29 de abril hasta el 29 de julio de 2016
LA GALERIA FACTORIA, Churruca 15, Madrid
Abe the Ape, Centro Cerámico Talavera, Cristina Salvans, Cupisnique, Javier Serna, Maya Vergel, Nichole Hastings, Ramon Tormes, Sophie Aguilera Lester y Pedro Ledesma.

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GCHQ’s Rainbow Lights

What’s that over there? *snapsnap* Look, look! Over there!

GCHQ:Public Affairs Office

Look at the pretty rainbow lights!

We’re not exploiting social issues for our own selfish purpose? Nope, cooperation is wonderful! And by cooperation we mean your compliance. (happy smiley face) Because your interests aligning with ours is a wonderful and beautiful thing! (happy smiley face, thumbs up)

Rainbows are pretty! Just like all of you! Support our fascist reg…I mean, our gay communities and celebrate! (martinis cheers, smiley face, party favor exploding)

GCHQ:Public Affairs Office

Aren’t those lights pretty? Just look at them. (happy smiley face) Aren’t we so open-minded and accepting? Isn’t the world wonderful? Aren’t we all so wonderful?

Well, except for those people.

And those ones.
And those, and those and those and those. (frowny sad face)

But never mind that. (happy smiley face) If they were as open minded and as accepting as we all are, the world would be such a better place! Gosh, we love rainbows!

GCHQ:Public Affairs Office

We have every color to show our openness to diversity! (martinis cheers, smiley face, party favor exploding)

Oh, black is missing? So is brown, you say? (sad frowny face) Well…we all know they’re pretty much the same color. (happy smiley face) They are the same color. (happy smiley face) Let’s call them ‘blawn’ to make it easier. (happy smiley face) And, and, ‘blawn’ just doesn’t really work well in making a pretty rainbow. (sad face) They’re just not as pretty as we are. (sad face) But look, look, the rainbow is surrounded by ‘blawn’ so while they’re not -actually- part of our rainbow-happy-time-diversity-celebration-of-compliance-cooperation, they’re still there all around us, pressing in on us, trying to extinguish our beautiful and peaceful light! (happy smiley face, happy smiley face, happy smiley face) If only they could see how important our rainbow-happy-time-diversity-celebration-of-compliance-cooperation is to creating peace all around the world!!!!

GCHQ:Public Affairs Office

Look! Here comes Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kanye West and Rihanna! Let’s sing! Everybody!

“We are the world….”

GCHQ:Public Affairs Office

Photo: GCHQ/Public Affairs Office

Nichole Hastings in Coolidge Salon Series Opening for Jim Rooney

A Remedy For Love  |  Nichole Hastings  |  Poems and Photography

Not quite sure how this happened but I’ll be reciting poems from my recently published book titled A Remedy For Love and book signing alongside Americana folksinger and producer Jim Rooney this Friday!

Jim Rooney is a Grammy award winning producer and lifelong folk and country genre musician. He lives in Sharon, Vermont and Nashville Tennessee. As cited in his memoir “In It For The Long Run: A Musical Odyssey,” Rooney relates a kaleidoscopic first-hand account of more than five decades of success as a performer, concert promoter, songwriter, music publisher, engineer, and record producer.

Joining Rooney on the night will be Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame member, Pat Alger, who penned many hit songs recorded by Nancy Griffith (“Once In A Very Blue Moon”), Kathy Mattea (“Goin’ Gone”) and Garth Brooks (“Unanswered Prayers”). Well-known Vermont instrumentalist Colin McCaffrey will also be joining Jim and Pat for what promises to be a very special occasion.

Doors open at 5:00pm and the music begins at 6:00 pm. The Coolidge Salon is with open seating in front of the fireplace which provides a very intimate setting. The program will last for approximately 50 minutes and will be followed by a question and answer session with the audience. Complimentary munchies will be coupled with a cash wine/beer bar.

When: This First Friday May 2nd in WRJ
Where: At the Hotel Coolidge
Starts: 5:00pm
Tickets: $10
Call the Hotel Coolidge at (802) 295-3118

A Remedy For Love
by Nichole Hastings

This collection of poems and photography explores love, life, relationships and truth found in nature. The composer and photographer Nichole Hastings takes you on her journey as she relates her experiences and explorations with love. Written in free verse and rhyme, Nichole’s words share her tragedy, triumphs, challenges, fears, longings, bliss and realizations about love. Nichole and the other contributing photographers reveal more details about her and her life in each photograph. Her poems speak to a juxtaposition all adopted Asians face, who have no connections to their birth country or biological parents and growing up in white America, in the search for self and identity.

Nichole was born in South Korea and adopted at the age of two by a caucasian couple stationed in Seoul, the city of her birth in the late 1970s. She grew up hiking, camping and fishing in a small rural farming community in New Hampshire; the only girl among her three cousins and a younger brother.

*You may purchase A Remedy For Love at www.stylemylife.us/shop, at the Norwich Bookstore and in the Apple iBookstore!

Norwich Celebrates A.T. Family Hike Day with a Weekend of Events

What could be better than a beautiful Fall day with family out hiking in Vermont?

We have an exciting series of events coming up on September 29th to celebrate ‘Appalachian Trail Family Hike Day’ in Norwich.  The Norwich Friends of the A. T. in partnership with The Norwich Bookstore, the Green Mountain Club, the Upper Valley Trails Alliance, and the Town of Norwich would like you to join them on Saturday the 29th.  There will be hikes, a picnic, and an opportunity to meet the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s publisher Brian King.

The celebration begins on Saturday at 10am with Brian King, the publisher for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy is flying up from Harpers Ferry West Virginia to sign his book The Appalachian Trail at The Norwich Bookstore.

The foreword of the book is written by Bill Bryson, a former resident of Hanover and author of A Walk in the Woods.  For more information on the book event, please call 802.649.1114 or email info@norwichbookstore.com.  The bookstore is happy to arrange for Brian to sign a book for you if you cannot join on Saturday.

At noon, there is a bring-your-own-picnic-lunch on the Norwich Green until 1pm.  During the latter half of the hour, we will begin shuttling people up to the Willliam Tucker Trail entrance on Happy Hill Road to hike.

At 1pm, Nichole Hastings will lead the hike to the Happy Hill Shelter and discuss the new privy installation.  We will hike the A.T. back towards Norwich and down Elm Street to the Norwich Green.  For more information please call 802.332.6615 or email nichole.l.hastings@gmail.com.  The trail from Happy Hill Shelter to Elm Street is rated easy/moderate for all ages.

The events are free and open to the public; reservations are not needed.  For a simple listing of the events see the  AT Family Hike Day Schedule.

And on Sunday September 30th, the Green Mountain Club will be moving lumber to the new Happy Hill privy site.  Volunteers are welcome!  Please meet at 10am at the West Hartford Village Store on VT Route 14.  Bring work gloves and boots.  You may email Nichole for more information at nichole.l.hastings@gmail.com.

We look forward to celebrating community, a treasure in our own backyard and Autumn with you!


Three other local hikes in celebration of AT Family Hiking Day are:

Holt’s Ledge Hike, Lyme NH – Meet 10 am at lower parking lot of Dartmouth Skiway, call Matt Stevens at 603.676.4102 or email at mstevens@appalachiantrail.org for more information.

Cossingham Road to Norwich, VT – Meet at 9am at Huntley Meadow, call Becky at (802) 649-9075 or email Becky.Lewandoski@uvtrails.org for more information.

Dupuis Hill, Pomfret VT – Meet 1 pm at far end of Billings Farm Museum in Woodstock.  E-mail Marissa_Jager@partner.nps.gov, or call 802-457-3368 x17 for more information.

*These three local hikes are sponsored by and being led by
the Upper Valley Trails Alliance, the National Park Service,
and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.