Mt Katahdin


Four years ago
Yet to come
These parallel universes exist
Time and Space
Their illusion makes one grow old
A falsity of living
Of dying
Instead of being
We misperceive our true selves
The indestructible conscious entity
Instead of rejuvenated sleeping
We count sheep
Counting money, people,
Material things as successes
And discounting self, others
The grass under our feet
Instead of loving
We dictate, mandate, persecute
Then hate
The prison of unrealistic expectations
The prison of fixed thinking
The prison of our own fears
Don’t be a screen to play upon
A play space supporting created drama
This is how “friends” play you for fools
This is how people play themselves
As fools
Be a mirror
Be a shining light
Be a tiny spring flower
Be a spring-fed mountain stream
Be a cloud
Be the horizon
Be the universe
Be the architect of your design
Be love
Be-lieve you deserve it
I can still see misty green and blue
Standing atop the hunted jagged peak
Holding love in my arms
The Klondike laid out before me
Cold wind buffeting
Shining sun casting away the mind’s abyss, the divide



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