Journal Entry: Measure for Measure Act 2

I went to the Hanover police station to obtain a copy of the police report as advised by several lawyers. A fee is involved. I laugh about it’s absurdity. It’s a public record and yet, to have a copy costs you.
I fill out the paperwork and pay the fee. I ask if the Chief of Police is in and am invited to sit in his office to speak with him.
I will not recount the conversation. I will say, I have a great deal of respect for this man. I appreciate the time he took to sit and talk with me, even our agreement that we may never agree on several points.
He asked questions, listened, spoke his mind and let me return it in kind. He proposed a meeting with the two officers to discuss the inaccuracies of that evening and to address them.
We promised each other nothing, in regards to the outcome of such a meeting. We shook hands, smiled, and he walked me to the door.

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