Journal Entry: May 20, 2011


Truth is the cry of all, but the game of few.
~George Berkeley

There are several options here for you to choose from

(you may select one or more of the following):

  1. The true or actual state of a matter: He tried to find out the truth.

  2. Conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement.

  3. A verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like: mathematical truths.

  4. The state or character of being true.

  5. Actuality or actual existence.

  6. An obvious or accepted fact; truism; platitude.

  7. Honesty; integrity; truthfulness.

  8. (often initial capital letter ) Ideal or fundamental reality apart from and transcending perceived experience: the basic truths of life.

  9. Agreement with a standard or original.

  10. Accuracy, as of position or adjustment.

  11. Archaic . fidelity or constancy.

    “It’s all relative to your perspective;
    for perception defines one’s reality.
    The Truth will set you free.
    Live free.”


“This was the surname of my biological parents.”

From Wikipedia, the free dictionary

As with all Korean family names, the holders of the Hong surname are divided into different patrilineal clans, or lineages, based on their ancestral seat. Most such clans trace their lineage back to a specific founder. This system was at its height under the yangban aristocracy of the Joseon Dynasty, but it remains in use today.

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