Just the Decline of Another Empire

Edward Snowden Twitter Screen Shot


I like to think that my fellow countrymen are beginning to wake up. That they are seeing with all the double-talk, flip-flopping of politicians, backwards policies, ridiculous laws, that the United States is just a declining empire scrambling and clawing while in its death throes. That Americans are beginning to understand that even if their mouths say “no” to corporations, that by buying their products and services they are actually saying “yes.”

Studying history, we see that the people of an oppressed and tyrannous nation always do wake up at some point. But human nature tends to be that one must hit rock bottom or a situation become absolutely intolerable before one is willing to make truly significant and meaningful positive changes. I think this goes for both individuals and nations. But how far must the United States fall before Americans become awake and make the core systemic changes it so desperately needs?

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