Cross Country Adventure: Pennsylvania to Mississippi

Day 3

After a relaxing day in Altoona PA we were eager to begin the trek to Colorado. We hit the road at 8am this morning, Greg driving the first shift. There was some rain. And this:

The rain didn’t last long. There were periods of 10 to 20 minute intervals of showers and sunshine. No hail like yesterday. And we felt assured that all would be well and safe on our American roadways with this fellow out and about:

At 1pm-ish Greg and I switched drivers in Illinois. Here we are at a full stop and baking in the sun:

We discovered religion is huge.


At 6:45 we switched back and took a rest in a shaded spot in the gas station parking lot. The stop was brief and soon we were back at it. And before we knew it St Louis entered our sights. The arch:

The bridge:

The Mississippi:

We’ve decided not to stop tonight. Just drive straight on through in shifts.

Now that the sun has set we finally have some relief from the heat, the sun out of our eyes, and we gained an hour.


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