Journal Entry: July 30, 2010 – Striking Fear Into the Hearts of Others

I was told recently by a friend that I am an intimidating person because I am strongly who I am. I did not realize that such a thing could strike fear into the hearts of others. I’m of the mind that their imagined fear and intimidation is solely of their own creation. A momentary insecurity that I hope passes quickly, for their sake.
Do they perceive me as a threat to their being? Am I the very definition of ‘danger’? Or, are they too weak and changeable in who they are?
It must be difficult to live with that duplicity of personality. Pretending to be one way with some people and another way with others. A constant doppleganger with a deliberate myriad schizophrenic presentation.
Is it that difficult to be who you are? Do you worry that much about the opinion of others? Do you feel as though you are living your life in fear? Live free my friends. Live free.

One thought on “Journal Entry: July 30, 2010 – Striking Fear Into the Hearts of Others

  1. love it. i myself have been guilty of living a multiple personality. just as of this year have i seen the joy of being me. And it’s tough after so long of not being self aware to find myself again.(or even just find myself for the first time) The journey is tough like any others, but is also fun and a breath of fresh air.


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