Journal Entry: January 16, 2008 (updated July 6, 2010) – Peoplemade

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.


We create these substances that can never be broken down into what they once were. That’s People-made. The creation, from base elements and changing them into something else.

This change in our environment is making itself apparent, revolting against its natural order of itself to try to accommodate these foreign substances. The natural order turning itself upside down in protest.

When mentioned, the unnatural reactions of the environment, people pretend to care. But we are a selfish race and we continue on in our people-made way of life. The society, The Civilization as we call it, barrels along its way, fueling its life and fighting for its survival.

We People, its willing slaves feed and nurture it. We protect and make excuses for its destructive nature. Selfish reasoning and careless excuses as we drive our motor vehicles and purchase plastic packaged objects.

The solution is so easy and so clear yet so repugnant to People. To live without these things that People have created would be against the group. To participate in The Society, to be a part of The Civilization is safe and creates this false sense of security. But all People know that it can turn on them at any moment as all People know that People can turn on them at any moment.

The thirst for competition, the kill, procreation have all been gentrified. The slash of fang and claw has become the dance of the mind and tongue. Yet the intent remains the same. To overcome another. To dominate. To take for oneself and leave others with less.

The ultimate People-made creation is money and this is what dominates our life. Who would think that such a useless thing could be so controlling. People live and breathe and die by it.

If only the People could walk away from it, forget its People-made importance putting their thoughts and energy towards more important matters. We can never become that Enlightened Society that we wish to be.

Our materialism is our greatest weakness. Yet with a simple change in the way we think, a redirection and different value focus it could be our greatest asset. If our materialism was focused on our natural environment and we completely valued that, instead of our People-made objects, what strength to be had in a materialistic nature and drive!

Oh to love the water, tree and rock! To admire the stars at night and the blue skies during the day! To gather the falling rain and seek out the bountiful fruits and plants! To take only what is needed and appreciate what one is able to get! What joy! What life! Oh to live!


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008 at 8:01pm

3 thoughts on “Journal Entry: January 16, 2008 (updated July 6, 2010) – Peoplemade

    • At one point in my life I -was- a potter. Non-practicing now, thanks for asking.

      Once the clay has gone through the firing process in the kiln, quartz inversion occurs which chemically and physically alters the clay and other compounds into a non-biodegradable substance, a man-made substance.


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