Journal Entry: The Verbal Abuser – Act 3

— Original Message —
From:larry koch
Sent:Mon 7/5/10 9:22 pm;

Garbage girl,

If I take you to court im a DICK

If I do nothing im an IDIOT

If I forge it im a FELON

Well im gonna do whatever I have to. If I dont have to involve you, we will both be happy. Dont write call or nothin, ever again. Im disgusted, not that I wasent when you went to go fuck your friend and his wife. Have a nice life you back woods nasty pice of garbage.

Im too embarresed to tell my girlfriend I was ever married. Cus, I would have to exsplain what a nasty denture werin peice of trash I was with. Im most embarresed that I ever tried to be nice, Its obvious you never deserved any of it!

Ill enjoy trowin your shit in the garbage,

Fuck you very much,


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