Journal Entry: The Verbal Abuser – Act 1

— Original Message —
From:larry koch
Sent:Thu 7/1/10 6:25 pm;


I sent you an e mail a few days ago… I thought I sent it? Its in my deleted file, not the sent files? Anyway, I need to regester the boat. They want me to have you transfer the regestration over(its in your name). I have a bill of sale where you tranfered the boat over, but you need to transfer the regestration as well. It would be greatly appreciated if you can do this. I wouldent ask if I had another way to do this.

I wrote you a few days ago to ask about the reg. and to see if there was a place to bring some of your things that got left behind. I did not hear back, so I did not bring them. I have a ton of pictures, your diploma, hard drive, pottery, notebooks and other stuff.

Anyway, Im in NH, have the regestration and was hoping I could meet up with you or mail it to you. if you give me an address I can mail your things when I get back home. If we can take care of these two things, you never have to hear from me again.

If you can write me back and let me know if you can help out with the boat It would be appreciated.



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