Quote: excerpt from A Man In Full by Thomas Wolfe

“One of the few freedoms we have as human beings that cannot be taken away from us is the freedom to assent to what is true and deny what is false.

Nothing you can give me is worth surrendering that freedom for.

At this moment I’m a man with complete tranquility.

After all, what is tranquility? Tranquility is a mind in accord with nature…a mind in accord with nature…

What is it you’re looking for in this endless quest? Tranquility.

You think if only you can acquire enough worldly goods, enough recognition, enough eminence, you will be free, there’ll be nothing more to worry about, and instead you become a bigger and bigger slave to how you think others are judging you.

‘You have priceless silver and goblets of gold,’ said the philosopher,

‘but your reason is of common clay.’”

~Excerpt from A Man In Full by Thomas Wolfe

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