Mother Nature Speaks

Journal Entry: June 23, 2010

1:41 (pm) and 5.5 (Richter Scale) are perfect palindromes.

Ottawa contains a palindrome, awa and has 6 letters which when divided by 2, tt equal 1, O.  When looking at how this word is laid out and divides itself from back-to-front we can see the destruction of the word and how it turns back on itself.

4 natural weather occurences all stemming from 1 man-made incident: the uncapping of the BP oil disaster this morning.

4 is the unluckiest number in Japan because it also means ‘death‘.

1 followed by a 4 followed by a 1. Circular and all stemming from 1 thing and coming back to it.

Canada, Ottawa, Lattitude: 45°27’N, Longitude: 75°42’W.

is about the same

BP Oil Spill, Lattitude: 42.34 N, Longitude: 78.46 W

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