Fresh for day
Past tall aspen trees
Down windy mountain roads
Cold sunny wind shining on my face
I think of you
I hear your song
On wind rushing by
Calls of early morning birds
And the low rumble of the car engine
Navigating turns
Composed by Nichole Hastings



At 3pm, although our plan had been to meet here and they weren’t here, I wasn’t worried.  I drove up to the William T  and the Happy Hill trailheads to look.  Alas, they weren’t there.  I left a note.  Nor did I hear from them at 5 or 7.  But I had left a note.  Surely they would be in touch soon. At 9pm, I had an uneasy feeling that something had gone awry…

I Bought Lobster and Porter House with My Food Stamps

When you’re poor, people treat you like you’re a second class citizen/human being.
What you eat is scrutinized.
Any money you spend on non-essentials is criticized.
If you own nice stuff, people think you’re lying, stupid, or should sell it all.

Your entire value of being is questioned.
Opinions of who you are as a person are formed.

Well, right back at you.

You have money?
That’s worthless.

You’re not poor?

You put a can of soup or beans in a food collection box?
Big fucking deal.

You condescend to consider The Poor.

How about appreciation for others?

Are those qualities a commodity measurable in money?

Some misguided rich assholes out there who donate to charities for tax write-offs,
have kids that put a couple boxes of macaroni and cheese in a hunger drive box,
drop off clothes they no longer wear at a Goodwill
are saying “Yes.”

They pat themselves on the back for enabling poverty.
They do nothing of any real value to address poverty’s root issues.
They think, “The Poor eating lobster or a porter house is unfair. To me.”
They think, “Poverty…that could never happen to me.”

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Cross Country Adventure: Portland Oregon on the 4th of July

Day 12

Up at 7:30am prepping for a busy day. A little after 8am Gregory, Matthew, Ahni and I head to Kell’s to eat breakfast and watch Germany beat France. At 11am we head to our next item on the itinerary.

The Thorns versus the Red Stars with over 13K in attendance. Out of five women, a mohawked and a pink-dyed hair cheerleader lead the spirit chants through the women’s soccer match. A drum is beaten. Pink smoke and flags wave when the Thorns score their two goals. Cotton candy, soda, ice cream and cheese nachos are enjoyed.

We pop into a grocery store to pick up beer for our next destination. Gregory liked the varied selection.

This telephone pole near the grocery store is clearly a popular advertising spot.

We head to Cathy and Andrew’s, friends of Matthew, and have luckily only missed a few minutes of the first half of Brazil versus Columbia. We eat, we drink, we make merry until early evening.

Back at Matthew’s we sit outside for a while, spent from the busy day. We eat and drink a little and relax. Little Ahni is fired up to see fireworks.



Happy 4th of July!

Cross Country Adventure: Utah to Oregon

Day 11




The first part of the day. We could see for miles.

The second half. More of the same.

At 4:30pm we roll into Boise Idaho to meet a friend I’ve known for 19 years but am meeting in person for the first time today. Greg and I meet Lane at Andrade’s at 5pm for drinks and an early dinner. Unfortunately my brain was fried from driving all day in the unairconditioned car so I wasn’t as energetic as I usually am. I guess this lower section of Idaho we’ve been driving is not indicative of all of the state. I was surprised that what we drove through was all high desert. Meeting Lane, who shares my same birth day (not my birth year), was wonderful and a real treat. I’m looking forward to when I can spend more time visiting!


After our early dinner we head back for more.



Sleepy, full stomach, and hot! Too hot to sleep. My water bottle is half full of hot water which does little to quench thirsts.






Driving and sweating.

Clouds move in.

The air temperature falls with the setting sun providing relief from the heat.

The long day was worth it. Greg and I made it to Portland Oregon before midnight (at 11:44pm to be exact) and by the 4th of July!


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